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O’Harrow Completes Addition to Cascades Humane Society Building

O’Harrow Construction Company has completed work on the addition to the Cascades Humane Society of Jackson.  The expansion will allow the shelter to house more dogs, add new surgery suites, add more cat cages and create new examination rooms.

“This is a very exciting time for everyone involved at CHS. This expansion has been a dream come true. We are looking forward to housing more animals and better serving the Jackson community,” said Executive Director Heather Leszczynski. at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. With the additional space in dog holding, Mrs. Leszczynski estimates the ability to house 11 more dogs at any given time. “This may not seem like a big number, however, it will help ensure that as dogs get adopted, we have dogs to replace them on the adoption floor. All too often we have dogs that are waiting to be spayed or neutered, or on a stray hold, and they cannot be made available yet. That means cages sit empty on the adoption floor, which leaves the public with less choices. It also means less dogs being looked at and therefore adopted. That is something we want to avoid.”

The additional surgery space means not only more space to perform surgeries, but that all medical and surgical supplies can be housed in the same area, creating a more efficient use of space. This will also allow CHS to move their examination room to the new surgical suite, making room for a few more cat cages.

“As a limited in-take, no-kill shelter, every cage is a life saved. The more cages we have, the more animals we can house, and more of a difference we can make for abandoned animals”. CHS adopted 988 animals in 2015 and more than 1,130 animals in 2016. If this trend continues, CHS will need every bit of space to help, and more donations to ensure each animal is cared for appropriately.

O’Harrow Construction Company was responsible for making the new addition plans come to life and AE Design handled the design. 


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