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O’Harrow Completes Construction of CP Federal City Square

O’Harrow Construction Company has completed construction of the $583,000 CP Federal City Square.  The structure, built to house the historic Glidden Parker mural, is the centerpiece of the new Horace Blackman Park in downtown Jackson.

The unique structure incorporates a stage for performances, amphitheatre style seating, a space for a rotating art exhibit and the glass mural.

The 9 foot by 28 foot mural was commissioned for the Consumers Power Company (now Consumers Energy) headquarters.  When the company relocated to a new corporate headquarters two blocks away, the mural was taken apart, crated and stored.

As the building neared completion, the 45 section mural was put back together in an O’Harrow shop, re-welded by a team of four and installed.

O’Harrow Construction, the contractor for the project, began installation on Monday, completing the job around 3 p.m. Wednesday. A group of four rewelded the pieces together and repainted the frame.

In an article on M-Live, Supervisor John Lueder said “This is the hardest job I’ve ever done,” as he cited the unique shape of the building posing challenges for the project.

Lueder and his group hauled in 15 crates of glass.  There are about 1,800 pounds of glass and 400 pounds of steel in the 0.75-inch thick mural.

Finishing touches included installing lights to back illuminate the mural, HVAC and security systems, signage and trim.

The mural, designed and created by sculptor Glidden Parker of  colored, faceted glass is an illustration of the city’s history of power generation and distribution.






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