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The Partners We Have:

As with most factions of business, Partners are as important to your bottom line as your internal personnel. Here at O’Harrow, we have partnered with some of the most respected parties in the constriction industry to provide our clients with the best and most complete building projects possible. Starting with the site development parameters and efficient use of the land available, MRS Realty Corp. has provided owners with the flexibility of land acquisition, lease back opportunities or just a timely lease space availability in one of their many existing building.

In structural design and building aesthetics, our in-house Thrush Engineering has provided O’Harrow with value engineering and cost-effective building exteriors since the late 1980’s. In addition to design and detailing, Swansteel also provides the actual fabrication of many of the major and miscellaneous steel necessary for a complete and timely construction schedule. No missed deadlines waiting on fabrication or shipping when O’Harrow  takes the reins of your project, just a constant can-do attitude right up to the end.

Even working with Pre-Fab Steel suppliers such as Nucor and Varco-Pruden, the O’Harrow team can head off possible delays by adding to manufactures flexibility by having in stock the materials, equipment and labor force to get even the most demanding projects completed in a timely fashion.

From land acquisition to design, engineering to fabrication, and even the necessary equipment and labor force, O’Harrow and it’s partners have continually provided on time and on budget success for it’s client and owners. Maybe it’s time for you to join the family and reap the benefits of an experienced construction company and it’s capable partners.

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