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Alro Grand Opening of New Pennsylvania Plant

Marvin Swanson, Past President and George Kittle, Vice President of Operations attended the Grand Opening of a new Alro Steel Corporation Steel Services Center in Imperial, Pennsylvania on June 6, 2013. This 100,000 square foot “State of the Art” facility was designed and built by O’Harrow Construction in 2011-2012. The new service center consists of a high eave prefabricated metal building skeleton with prestressed concrete exterior walls (with custom graphics) and includes warehouse space, mezzanine floor, 20 ton overhead cranes, truck drive-through areas, office space, and locker rooms. The foundation and steel framing for the new structure includes features that allow for streamlined future expansion of the facility. Unsuitable soils adjacent to the new building were excavated and replaced with suitable material. Economies of scale applied to earthwork operations during the initial construction will reduce costs and construction time for the owner when the facility is expanded in the future.

Prior to design, O’Harrow Construction assisted the owner with the “due diligence” process for selecting the site. During the design and construction phases, O’Harrow coordinated with the applicable governmental agencies to achieve proper approvals from project start through obtaining occupancy.

Alro Steel Corporation is a nationwide Metals, Industrial Supplies, & Plastics Distributor





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